Omkar is the name for Ohad Rein’s Kirtan chariot. 

Rein is an APRA award winning singer-songwriter and producer better known for his alternative pop project Old Man River.

Whilst living in New York City in 2001, Ohad was first introduced to Kirtan. His flatmate at the time used to play Devi Bhajans (devotional hymns to the Divine Mother) on an old tape-cassette in the living room, before going to work. These magical sounds would infuse with his dreams (he was sleeping on the couch!) and sub-conscious and might of had something to do with his impulsive decision travel to India. 

In India he was initiated into many meditation and yoga practices, he studied Indian classical music and fell in love with the devotional aspect of Yoga - Bhakti Yoga. 


Kirtan, a Bhakti Yoga practice, is an ancient, simple and accessible method. It helps us open our hearts, free our minds and express our voice. 

All are welcome. Kirtan beginners or Kirtan pros! you don't have to be a great singer or a Sanskrit scholar to enjoy the immediate joyful effects of this profound practice.


Ohad also played alongside the wonderful Edo and Jo, Gauravani, Madhava, Sri Prahlad and many more. Is a regular member of the 'House of Bliss’ house band in Byron Bay and facilitates Kirtan and Yoga workshops across the country. 

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